Wednesday 20.09 2017 19:00 Step Across the Border at Aquarium, Kreuzberg

Wednesday 20.09 2017 19:00Uhr "Step Across the Border" @ aquarium -  infotainment evening with discussion, music & performance.

SATB is a new international grassroots creative education initiative encouraging innovation and the exchange of creative teaching skills for work with socially marginalised groups. The initiative is a reflection on the gender and social diversity within the partner organisations, combined with a concern over endemic mistreatment of women migrants and refugees and also LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees. The three partner organisations bring their diverse experiences and skill sets together, joining forces to help support, teach, learn promote and engage with some of societies most vulnerable people. SATB is a collective of people from both formal and informal learning backgrounds, including teachers, artists, autodidacts, legal, social and cultural workers. We hope for a stimulating night , to meet new allies and friends, strengthen existing contacts and offer support to other initiatives.


19:00-19:20 Uhr - Opening Performance - Gogotrash feat. Carmel Zoum

20 Uhr - Podium Discussion: The theme will center around sensitization to working with women migrants and refugees and also LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees, featuring members from: True North Health (Womens Health Project/ London); l'Embobineuse (Marseille) and Czentrifuga (Unter Druck – Kultur von der Strasse e.V. Berlin) and invited guests t.b.a.

21:30 Uhr - Performance: La Fêlure (Marseille)present "Prosexus" 30 min. Die Performance hinterfragt die Sexualität und die Freiheit der Körper durch ein weibliches Prisma.Durch das Ansprechen des Intimen sollen Gewissheiten ins Schwanken gebracht werden. Zwischen Performance und Poetry, wollen wir einen Raum schaffen, der Veränderung und Improvisation zulässt.

Dj Lyon (Reboot FM)

Hot & Cold Drinks
Vegan buffet
Entrance free

More infos about the event and other SATB activities including workshops:






Wednesday, September 20, 2017 -
19:00 to 23:45