Spaceship 21.04 - Anti Gravity Fashion Show & Djs

JEKAMI! (Jeder Kann Mitmachen/Everyone Can Join In!)

Spaceship next lift-off is in Spring, again with the Czentrifuga crew on board. We will be screenprinting spacey designs and motifs (bring your clothes for printing) and, together with the guests, creating fabulous out-of-this-world costumes from trash and found materials for an exclusive Anti-Gravity fashion (trashion) show, plus music from  guest Djs: iDa ( SDS / WitchesAreBack ) - electroTek  &  Dj Desaster - Tekkno


Next  Spaceship dates:  7 Juli, 1 September, 3 November



Saturday, April 21, 2018 -
18:00 to 23:00