SATB "Queer Punk Health Creation Week" London 9 -13 October 2018


SATB Meeting & Activities London 9-13 October 2018.  

True North Health invite the Erasmus Plus /  Step Across the Border project  partners and also the general public, to participate in our Queer Punk Health Creation Week. There will be a series of internal workshops and talks plus 2 private and  2 public events (which are marked below) over the 5 day period.

True North Health coordinator, Caro Smart writes:

"As a young one I only saw punk as angry white men, rightly or wrongly,the diversities and nuances absent from my understanding. Recently I saw an inspiring film  called Queercore and was  re educated about the diversity and the inclusivity of punk activism as outsider queer subcultures.It nourished and grounded me in my lived history of resistance.

The strength of punk, the spirit of DIY (just get up and do it even if it is crap) plus the anger at an unfair system, underpinned the energy and spirit, and was a main driver for the part of the London Underground free party rave scene that I was a part of in the 90s. That anger transmuted into sound system cultures and a Do It Together ethos, dancing love peace and unity. Together. And I always felt more at home there than on the "gay and lesbian" scene (as it was called then).
It is my background with this that informs my lived attitude to health creation and also the creation of True North Health, a not for profit grass roots organisation of which I am a voluntary director. Obviously True North refers to finding your own guiding star to navigate through challenges in life but also to represent a different face of the north, maybe a truer face than a rich white voracious patriarchal  system that colonises us and is imprinted on us  and our understandings.

True North health is about health creation that joins up the dots, 
that is, to use the buzzword of the now, intersectional. It is about wellbeing for 
all not wellbeing for some at the expense of others. It is about looking at systemic 
diseases like cancer, and the body and its relation to the world for example in a different way. 
By that I mean an invitation to embrace the concept of radical compassion. 
To be able to hold with compassion the body when it fails, when our cells and 
systems don't work as they should, and make positive restorative action from that place. 
Like wise for our social and collective bodies. Radical compassion is a way 
of collapsing the binary of them and us.


It is in the spirit of all this that we present the 5 day programme Queer Punk Health Creation, as part of the Erasmus Plus horizontal learning exchange called Step Across The Border with our allies and fellow partners from Berlin and Marseilles, sharing sound, music and the coming together to share a moment in our lives to learn, teach, create support and love. Not a roll over meek kind of love but a radical fierce pro active love.

The public events are for everyone.Please share to your friends xxx "


Inspired by the Scapegoat theme of our Marseiiles SATB project partners l'Embobineuse / Compagnie Peanuts,  we will be looking at the body and how and where in our bodies we scapegoat ourselves. This is particularly relevant for activists as well as people existing on the margins of society.

This will entail a daily check in, movement and meditation, small discussions about how to create health and well-being and also recording sound before and after our sessions. The purpose of this is to see how the voice transmits our state of wellbeing – an important indicator both for ourselves, but also in the work we do in our respective organisations and especially relevant for picking up hidden cues from people we might be working with.

As a small and peripatetic (itinerant) loose organisation of women and trans people who are low on economic resources, True North Health  come together to create projects and events without a fixed operations base, we will be using outside and inside spaces including New River Studios, Lordship Hub Community Centre and the Curve Garden Dalston who are all not for profit community projects.


Tuesday 9th October

15:00: Meeting and check-in for participants, followed by a visit to the OLYMPIC PARK  for an outdoor medicinal herb identification walk with Rasheeqa Ahmad and, weather permitting, a Capoeira session with Paulinha Martens and Zoe Mariage: a cultural musical/dance tradition from the African diaspora, played equally by people regardless of gender that has traversed time and geographical borders as a way of creative expression and remembrance of cultural roots.


Wednesday 10th October

10:30: After our daily movement meditation check - in and sound recording (10.30-12pm) we will be visiting New River Studios to look at the space and visit their community radio station . Lunch will be in their Pizza Café.

Wednesday afternoon participants are invited  to  visit  Groundswell in Brixton, which is a peer to peer  project for the homeless, and also St Ethelbergers Peace and Reconciliation Centre , whereby SATB will see at first hand how LGBTQI people of faith integrate and are empowered.This centre prioritizes building community resilience through nurturing diversity and building relationships across division and difference, working to find ways of acceptance and co-operation between different faith based communities and dissolving prejudices. Wednesday evening the group will eat locally in the Tottenham area.


Thursday 11th October

10:30 - Midday: walking meditation in the local park and continuation of our daily collective sound experiment, followed by  organ detoxing and collective sound workshops in the Lordship Hub Community Centre. Lunch will be in the community centre café.

In the context of Herbalists without Borders,  we will be visiting the herbal medicine  barge Stormvogel at Tottenham Hale. The group is invited by practitioner Mel to participate in a 3 hour medicine making session, as part of the effort to help refugees stranded in Calais.


Thursday 11th October  19:00  - 22:00 public event "Activisms of Connection"

Taking place at New River Studios and focusing on collective and individual well-being, celebrating the psychosocial impact of connection through music, herbal medicine, discussion  and film.  The event will include guest speakers, live music, Djs  and vegan pizza. The aim of the event is to promote the SATB project, encourage networking,  and also help  build solidarity and promote the benefits of  social psycho immune boosting health.

We are  honoured to present a short film screening and presentation by the innovative social theatre group, and SATB partner organisation, Compagnie Peanuts (Marseille) The film is part of an ongoing project which explores the phenomena of scapegoating; related  at first hand by the companies' mostly African  migrant cast and production team. We are also doubly honoured to invite Rainbow Pilgrims, This landmark project examines the hidden history of LGBTQAI migrants to the UK, documenting the interconnection between faith, sexuality, gender and ethnicity through oral history, film and photography. Project founder, Jewish male transactivist Shaan Surat Knan, together with  special guests from LGBTQ+  refugee groups, invite you to a talk about journey and identity.

There will be short discussion rounds which will include guest experts, plus  live music by Khadijatou Doyneh, and Djs Ritu and Sexyrubbersoul. Last but not least the Samba Sisters  who are a multi-cultural group, with women of all ages and backgrounds coming together as one majorly diverse band..

Entrance is £5/£10 (no one will be turned away through lack of funds) The venue is Barrier Free/Fully Accessable and is a benefit for Refugee Community Kitchen and  African Rainbow Family

Event Link:


Friday 12th October

10.30 - midday:  participants check in, meditation and sounding.


Friday 12th October 13:00 -17:00 event : "Diversity Building Solidarity Symposium"  

The SATB group is proud to be invited  to attend this important  LGBTQI+ event which highlights the many sides of London’s diverse LGBTQI+ community. We will look for shared goals, solidarity building and to raise the voices of the most excluded in our rainbow family. Co-produced with Intersex UK, Rainbow Pilgrims, Regard DDPO, Twilight People and other user-led projects.

This will be in the Angel / Islington area

Event Link


Friday 12th October (evening)

The SATB group is invited for  food and informal talks at Red Moon Roots who have a community food cooking and sharing project in the  Manor House area.



Saturday 13th October   Lunch and sounding at the Curve Garden in the Dalston area.


Saturday 13th October 14:00 - 17:00 public event: "Transformative Sounds for Health and Wellbeing" Shacklewell Lane Mosque

This will be  a LGBTQI+ POC led, 3 hour immersion of transformative sound in this beautiful building which was formerly  synagogue and is now a mosque. We will see first hand how the guardians of this space navigate cross cultural dialogues to create a radical community asset.

Transformative Sounds for Health and Wellbeing. - the spiritual aspects of health creation. An exercise in Connection, Spirituality, Empowerment and Transformation through Sound. Co creators of  this space will be: Caro Ophis (Interval Oracle) toning and voice work to help centre and connect; interactive music and art for empowerment from Angelus Squid Marr as well as the Qraft Bistro collective . Gong bath for immune boosting relaxation by Tafrina Dubois

There will be free places for people from migrant and refugee communities

Tickets  available at


Saturday 13th October 19:00 public event: "Woven Gold Choir " Cafe Caramel

After a group meal in a local Turkish restaurant, the SATB group will make their  way to Café Karamel - a vegan venue in the Wood Green  area. The venue will be hosting Woven Gold as the musical highlight of the Spotlight on Asylum Festival season. Woven Gold is a choir of refugees and asylum seekers from many of our world’s most desperate and divided countries. Members have fled from treacherous and threatening circumstances in Iran, Algeria, Myanamar, Chechnya, Pakistan, Congo and Uganda – with the common desire to find sanctuary. Over the past ten years, they have formed a family through their love of music and their yearning for peace, safety and solidarity.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 10:00 to Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 10:15