Exchange of Good Practices - Mínnie Griffith: Return to Mars

"Trip to Mars" Foto by  Jean Peut-être‎ , Marseille 2019

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Minnie Griffith was born in England but grew up in the south of France, where she passed her baccalaureate in 2015 followed by two years of studies including fine arts & languages. Minnie is now living in Berlin, having recently finished working at the Premarts Galerie, as part of a European Volunteer Scheme in co-op with the Czentrifuga/Unter Druck, Erasmus Plus project "Step Across the Border" In 2018, together with fellow Francophiles, Pauline and her brother Max, the three new Berliners have instigated the Kollage Kollektive 

Kollage Kollectiv is an art collective and platform focused on bringing creative people together to express social and political messages throughout art. Spreading positive images and ideas around Berlin to clash with the commercial advertising polluting our cities and promoting values we don’t believe in. The collective was born after the need to express ourselves in a city and society that don’t fulfill our creative and social aspirations . The collective organises social and artistic events to give people the opportunity to get involved and inspired in communal projects.
As a fluent bilingual speaker, Minnies help in translating texts, discussions and conversations has been invaluable in the context of communications within our SATB partnership. In 2018, Minnie visited Marseille as part of the partnership activities hosted by the culture center l'Embobineuse, participating in the activities as well making photo documentation.
Back in Berlin, Minnie has also been volunteering regularly at both Czentrifuga and Unter Druck activities and events, Here are a few links to Minnies SATB inspired photography:
EVS Students: Minnie Griffith & Renate Rey (Rijn IJssel Design School/Arnhem) @ Czentrifuga Ateliers 2018
Under the motto "Each One Teach One" Minnie is in the process of transition from learner to teacher, whereby she has become a regular member and volunteer of the Czentrifuga group, learning the art of screenprinting which she is now teaching to others, as well as helping with translation and office work and generally  taking responsibility and coordinating activities at for the atelier spaces. SATB is now pleased to be able to offer Minnie further teacher/learner experiences in Marseille, whereby she will be participating in the Compagnie Peanuts  theater group activities as well as helping on French to English translation of the La Cabane Mental  film which the SATB group participated in last year. We hope that these activities will enrich Minnies perspective, helping her to further understand and sensitise  her to the issues faced by vulnerable migrant communities. We also look forward to seeing photos and reading Minnies report on her Marseille experience..Bon voyage!






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