Arnhem - Berlin / Berlin - Arnhem (for project results see pdf at the bottom of this article)


This article reflects the pre planning of an exchange initiative  organised between Czentrifuga / Unter Druck  in Berlin and Rijn-IJssel College in Arnhem 

which was successfully carried out in May 2018 . please scroll down to view/download pdf with project results including power point presentation




Proposal project “Step across the border”

Czentrifuga, Rijn IJssel and organisations in Berlin and Arnhem.


Period 1: 5th until the 19th of May 2018 in Berlin.


Period 2: 2th until the 10th of June 2018 in Arnhem.


Concept plan for activities in May in Berlin.


Participants: students Art&Design(17), Spatial Design (10), Interior Design (20) and 5 teachers, Czentrifuga and other organisations.


Location: Villa Kuriosum / Czentrifuga / B.L.O: Ateliers / Aquarium


Proposal for dates: Thursday the 10th and Friday the 11th of May (Action Coost: availability Villa Kuriosum and members CZ).


Goals students: Creating more awareness to the themes of SATB and more understanding for people who live in difficult situations. Developing a personal opinion about this and explore possibilities about how they could contribute with their creative and personal skills

in terms of generating more publicity for these problems and generate solutions.


Preparing activities for the students:

- Introduction of the project SATB by Jihn Moulden (aka "Coost")

- Refugee Wael from Syria and ex homless person Verena from Wien  share their experiences


Proposal for dates: Monday the 7th or Tuesday the 8th of May in the evening (Action Coost: availability Aquarium for about 50 people).



(Maybe this could be organised in Aquarium at Südblock, afterwards visiting Südblock and tell something about this iniative (and visit Kotti & Co?).


Our hostel is in Moabit, right on the corner there’s the LAGeSo, maybe do something like visiting this building and ask someone to tell something about procedures refugees have to follow and how long this all takes?


(Action Marciana: contact the LAGeSO about possibilities for a visit.)


- Give students an observation assignment about the themes of SATB and what they

experience in Berlin about these themes (people they speak to, texts or publications, on

exhibitions, on the streets, etc.) and let them give presentations about this to each other.


(Action Marciana: make an assignment for this and preparation students in April on our school)


Two days activities on location, mixed groups AD/SD/ID of 5-6 students:


- Assignment: built a “shelter” for one person made out of free, found, or as cheap as

possible obtained materials.


  • Requirements: the person who lives in the shelter is protected against weather conditions as good as possible, there’s enough space to sleep.

  • Preferences: facilities to store clothing, food and personal belongings which are waterproof and protect against insects and other animals, lightning, the surface of the sleeping place is made as comfortable as possible.

  • Special preferences: in the inner space of the shelter, there are facilities to make this space more “personal”, “enjoyable” and “comfortable”, (this could also be created for the exterior of the shelter and its surroundings).


- The students of Human Technology (10) stay for one week in Berlin, but they could
participate part time in this project, by visiting the location at the end of the day and give
practical and technical advice to the students who are building the shelters.


(Action CZ: coaching the students with these activities.)


- Also the musicians (15) are in Berlin for a week, maybe we could organise a jam session on

the last evening.


(Action CZ: organising jam session.)


- At the end of the day cooking and eating together with “The Real Junk Food Project”?


(Action Coost: is it possible to cook for so many people?) 

Day 1: 60-70 people incl. CZ,

Day 2: 50-60 people incl. CZ)


Period 2: 2th until the 10th of June 2018 in Arnhem.


Proposal for activities in Arnhem.


Rijn IJssel Creative Industry invites CZ to come to Arnhem to present the art collective and pursue creative activities with our students, cultural and art organisations and interested residents of Arnhem.


As result of this cooperation our students could learn how to work in a more improvising and unpredictable way, both in terms of materials and techniques.


CZ has its own view on art, esthetics, the process of developing different kind of art works, working as a collective and presenting their work.



- Exhibition about CZ in the first weekend and the first days of the week.

- During the week: workshops with CZ, students Rijn IJssel, interested residents of Arnhem

and artists/musicians in Arnhem. (on location in the centre of Arnhem).

- Last weekend: exhibition and performances which are the result of the workshops and
other cooperations.


(Action Marciana: organise a location in Arnhem, sleeping facilities and materials and resources. Action CZ: select art work for exhibition and preparing workshops.)




Saturday, May 5, 2018 - 11:45 to Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 11:45
Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 10:00 to Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 10:00