16.04 19Uhr Talk with Caro Ophis Smart (True North Health /London) Sound Healer & Dj

Premarts Galerie

Oppelner Str. 34 Berlin



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Caro is a health practitioner, educator, musician, Doula and DJ .

A creative force beginning in the late 80s on the London D.I.Y. underground queer and music scene(s), Caro is a passionate advocate for the therapeutic use of sound as well as having a focus that is directed towards health and well-being for women and children, Caro was one of the Co-founders and guardians of the Women’s Autonomous Nuisance café (WANC), a London based DIY, vegan, community resource and place of edutainment and conscious raising, running in squatted and autonomous spaces around Hackney from 2000 to 2012. "The Wanc Caf"  is currrently  being featured at the London exhibition "Queer Spaces: London, 1980s – Today" at the Whitechapel gallery.

In April 2016 she spent some time volunteering at the grassroots project Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK) in Calais and Dunkirk, and was profoundly affected by the heart breaking situations that people find themselves in. This catalysed an urgency to find a way to reach out and see what people need and how she and others could help.

Thus TNH was set up as a formal UK community interest company with the idea to help people re-find their inner compass through the healing arts in order to navigate difficult situations including health diagnoses. And all this running parallel with Caros own ongoing 15 year self healing journey with diagnosed cancer which is documented on her ongoing blog Cancer Guinea Pig.

Equally inspired by the work of RCK , the Berlin socio cultural collective Czentrifuga teamed up with TNH, in addition to the l'Embobineuse culture center, Marseille , to create the Erasmus Plus supported, adult learning project "Step Across the Border".

This evenings informal discussion with Caro, is part of a week long programme of activities in and around Berlin , an exchange of techniques and skills ranging from medicinal herbal and plant recognition, to sound meditation workshops and finally a fund raising event/party for Refugee Community Kitchen on Sunday 31st April at Czentrifuga ateliers, Markgrafendamm 24c Ostkreuz, whereby, amongst a diverse programme of discussion, short film, performances, theater, live music food and refreshments, Caro will be spinning soulfull and dancehall flavoured vinyl drum n bass.











Tuesday, April 16, 2019 -
19:00 to 22:00


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