What is it?

Step Across the Border (SATB) is an international  grassroots initiative, since 2017, aimed at  using and developing basic creative education techniques with socially marginalised people. The catalyst that inspired the formation of  SATB, was the inspiring work by Refugee Community Kitchen, based in Calais, "Feeding People without Judgement", providing  over 2000  nutritous meals every day, with an extensive volunteer network which  has its roots in the UK counter culture scene. 

The partner organisations are: True North Health (London), specialising in  sound and movement workshops for women;  l'Embobineuse (Marseille), producing social theater  and Czentrifuga, working with print, graphic and performance with homeless and socially marginalised people in Berlin.

SATB is about  innovation and the exchange of  creative teaching skills. The idea is brought to life through  the collective process of combining  personal  and organisational experiences together. As a reflection on the  gender and social diversity within the partner organisations, combined with a  concern over the endemic mistreatment of  women and LGBTQAI  migrants and refugees;  the three partner organisations  bring their diverse experiences and skill sets together, joining forces to help support and engage with some of societies most vulnerable people. SATB is a collective of people from both formal and informal learning
backgrounds, including teachers, autodidacts, legal, social and cultural workers.

With the forces of Brexit, Populism and Nationalism all challenging European unity, and the cultural and gender diversity that it enshrines, engagement through progressive education plays a crucial role in the prevention and fight against exclusion and extremism which  necessitates an unprecedented cooperation, across the board,  between all support organisations and  grassroots initiatives...step across the border!

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