Step Up! SATB:Return to Berlin 16 April - 20 April 2019

This final, official partnership meeting will serve to bring the various SATB threads and themes together. Staff, learners and clients will work together to create a final exposition to present before a large public audience, networking with the various peer organisations, clients and the informed public with whom SATB has encountered over the last 2 years. This event will be a large awareness and support action for refugees, particularly for women and LGBTQAI refugees, including a public / panel discussion with representatives from peer groups organisations, clients and experts. The occasion will facilitate a discussion to look at concrete steps to develop the SATB project , including consolidating network contacts and future funding strategies. A commemorative, booklet , including graphic and text excerpts from the project aincluding relevant contact and help addresses will be created over the 5 day meeting to be  distributed amongst thevisitors.









Tuesday, April 16, 2019 -
15:15 to 15:30