Step Across the Border London 9-13 October 2018

SATB Meeting & Activities London 9-13 October 2018.

TNH rises to the challenges faced by women from forced migration backgrounds and, building on its members` long experiences, has assembled a core 3 person travelling/teaching team and a support team to demonstrate/learn workshop formats.

Tuesday 9.10 -11:00 Touch Base Meeting

with an introduction to psycho social Middle Medicine by Caroline Smart, both spoken and experiential as a tactic for dealing with displacement and illness, disruption, hate and fear, plus a discussion on intersectionality. A simple daily sound practice of creating a single note with all SATB voices will be recorded to observe quality or resonance changes over the 5 days.

-19:00 Capoeira class with Zoe Marriage, a cultural musical/dance tradition from the African diaspora, played equally by people regardless of gender that has traversed time and geographical borders as a way of creative expression and remembrance of cultural roots.


Wednesday 10.10 Religion, Migrants and LGBTQAI.

LQBTQAI refugees and migrants often face double persecution and prejudice, either having to remain invisible or having to prove their gender status in order for their persecution from countries hostile to gender diversity to be proved. Islamophobics refuse to acknowledge gender diversity within Islam although it is accepted in Christianity or Judaism.

-12:00 Visit to St Ethelbergers Peace and Reconciliation Centre. SATB will see how LGBTQI people of faith integrate and are empowered.This centre prioritizes building community resilience through nurturing diversity and building relationships across division and difference,working to find ways of acceptance and co-operation between different faith based communities and dissolving prejudices.

-14:00 Meeting with founder of Rainbow Pilgrims and Liberal Judaism with Jewish male transactivist Shaan Surat KnanThis landmark project examines the hidden history of LGBTQAI migrants to the UK, documenting the interconnection between faith, sexuality, gender and ethnicity through oral history, film and photography.


Thursday 11.10 Refugee Community Kitchen.

This voluntary UK organisation has been based in Calais for 2 years, where it has a warehouse complex for collecting donations, cooking and distributing food for refugees in Calais and Dunkirk, now also working in London,with the homeless.

- prepare and distribute food together with RCK on the streets of Camden.

- visit to women for refugee women


Friday 12.10 Visit to School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

- 11:00 Debriefing at Café Karamel, a vegan cultural arts café which also supports TNH.

-13:00 Visit to the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Meeting with Dr. Angela Impey from the music department to discuss the role of music in rebuilding/repairing cultures, destroyed by civil war. She has worked in south Sudan helping to support literacy in the new nation and contributing to the preservation of Dinka culture.


Saturday 13.10 14:00-22:00 Step Across the Border

-Benefit for Women for Women Refugees at the Hive. There will be places and transport for 20 clients to attend the public event , activities will include: Discussion “Sharing Stories” with Women for Women Refugees, also with Shaan Surat Knan from Rainbow alliance and Julianne Heider from the Praxis Community Projects Organisation, working with vulnerable migrants. Workshops will include Movement Medicine with Raggi Kotek, set to to middle eastern beats and Bollywood music, Sound Medicine -"Sounding our Stories" led by Caroline Smart - sharing and remembering songs as an exercise in mapping cultural memory. There will be an SATB joint project presentation, live music performance and a screenprinting workshop with the Czentrifuga team.women for refugee women



Tuesday, October 9, 2018 -
10:00 to 10:15