Step Across the Border - Edition Marseille - "Scapegoat" 20-25 Merz 2018


Step Across the Border - Edition Marseille "Scapegoat" 20-25 Mars 2018


Lundi 19.03 

arrival of SATB participants in Marseille with discussion about upcoming activities with presentation of the l’Embobineuse space and its organization by Blandine Voineau.


Mardi 20.03 

visit to the Le Dernier Cri studios in Belle de Mai with presentation by its founder and master print maker Pakito Bolino.Meeting up with the local residents who will be participating in the following two days of workshops and discussions. Discussion with sociologist Alain Vulbeau  About the condition of young adults in Marseille in the working-class neighborhoods, in comparison with other European cities.


Mercredi 21.03 / Jeudi 22.03  “Scapegoat”

two days of “sensitisation” workshops and meetings together with residents of the local Belle de Mai area. These residents have already taken part in several cultural action projects whichhave been running regularly since 2 years at the l’Embobineuse location. The workshop begins with regarding excerpts from established literary works as well as testimonies, small texts and sound bytes from personal experiences on the myth of the scapegoat.

Under the creative guidance of Magdi Rejichi from Compagnie Peanuts, and local video artist Jerome Fino, the aim is to co-develop an audio-photo-screenprint (poster/booklet) product within one week and present this multimedia package at a community event at l’Embobineuse as well as an audio broadcast on local public radio. The collected experiences and encounters experienced by the inhabitants of the local area, together with the SATB participants` own experiences, seek to examine social inequalities in different European intercultural urban neighborhoods employing several techniques and formats as means to expose these diverse slices of life.

Participants  share the home for one night with a local Belle de Mai resident, providing a unique glimpse and a privileged opportunity for shared interpersonal exchange and experience. As part of this effort to map “cultural memory” , l’Embobineuse   focus on audio documentation of the various ongoing activities. This audio recording will testify both to the development of the project (its implementation, its development, its twists and turns, the artistic, pedagogical, cultural and ethical questions it may raise) and the individual narratives of the participants.

Visit & Discussion at “the Lokal”. The location hosts the associations Mot à Mot and En Chantier Mot à Mot is a non-profit organization based in Marseille working in the field of language training for new migrants, understanding that partial language skills control can be a factor forexclusion. Since 2013 the En Chantier association is a participative restaurant initiative. Located in an area with a strong cultural diversity, the desire is to welcome and build alternative supply channels for basic products used by different food cultures. Everyday between 3 and 5 volunteers share cooking work, with approx. 40 guests eating there daily.


Vendredi 23.03

Listening to the Scapegoat audio recording and discussion at l'Embobineuse with Alain Vulbeau and Magdi Rejichi about their experiences broadcast over live radio from l'Embobineuse (radio grenouille) Multimedia presentation of the workshop results at L'Embobineuse with additional live music and performance, exhibition and presentation of “The Scapegoat” featuring local workshop participants, their families and friends,


Samedi 24:03

SATB and co. presentation performance and music with local band Les Statonells.



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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 -
12:00 to 12:15