Report: Step Across the Border Meeting Edition Marseille March 2018



Checking in.

First meeting, eating and greeting at lembobineuse  introductions amongst staff .

Dataplex radio an early evening radio session at  Radio Galère in the Frische de la Belle Mai  culture complex to promote  the upcoming SATB activities  hosted by long standing and all round Marseille cultural operator Damien .


Visit to Le Derner Cri art print factory at  Frische de la Belle Mai  with  introduction by

Dernier Cri master printer and local  social-cultural  activist and lEmbobineuse sponsor Pakito Bolino.

Meeting and eating with together with representatives from Compagnie Peanuts at lEmbobineuse.

The theater company of circa 30 people are residents from the neighbourhood, now in their third year of  working and co-producing together with Magdi Rejichi, Philippe Zunino, Jérôme Fino and Mohammed Ali.

The majority of the ensemble have migrated to Marseille from the Comoros islands on the east African coast , north of Madagascar. The age range is from 25  to 70 and approx. two thirds are women.

Representing Compagnie Peanuts


La Cabane Métamentale

La Cabane Métamentale is "a heterotopic space where time is suspended".  Through psycho social and emancipatory interviews ,within this enlosed dark space, one or two Compagnie Peanuts members invite single participants into a mysterious yet sensitive and protected space that allows them to release intimate, often hidden, words that just need to come out. This experiment is  part of an ongoing project, editing together recording excerpts  from intimate exchanges,  in and around the hut; The purpose is to tap into the positivity within people by being  welcoming  and  respondent. 

For the SATB workshop, the Cabin was installed on the lEmbobineuse stage, with people sitting or lying around listening on headphones to the conversations within. Meanwhile, there were 4 more stations spread around the venue and participants, armed with their personal health charts,  were escorted to each one in turn by theater members dressed as doctors.

The "doctors" in gowns and masks , talk in Comorian, Arabic, French, English (often all mixed together) receiving the "patients" at the bar "reception" area, whereby they are given their "Meta Mental" documents  and then escorted from one station to the next. Each station has a different twist on a doctor -patient interview situation. Lying down, sitting or being observed through a glass window (which is normally the venue cloakroom) , participants are asked various questions in a soothing way about how they feel , what they like etc; also, unexpected rituals like  squeezing into the backseat of a small car  (theres an actual car in the venue)  whereupon two "doctors" whisper half intelligibly and trance-like  into each ear ,  all designed to  gently encourage  participants to relax and step out of their normal mind set, to  open the mind for the final ultimate cabin experience. The recording and editing exercise is an ongoing project from the invited S.A.T.B. guest Philippe Zumino

Cartographie Meta Mentale (examples from Minnie and Rasheeqa)


Compagnie Peanuts  S.A.T.B. -  La Cabane Métamentale Radio Spot here


Following on from the successfull medicinal plant and flower identification workshop at the first S.A.T.B. meeting in the outskirts of Berlin, we visited  Jardin du Couvent Levas, together with True Noth Health expert Rasheeqa Ahmad. This ex-convent for nuns is now a space for artists in residence surrounded by a community gardening project, in the Belle de Mai area. Here we were given a tour of the flora and fauna of the garden.


This full packed day was not yet over with perhaps the most interesting experience of the Marseille mobility still  yet to happen. Members of the visiting S.A.T.B. organisations  were distributed and hosted amongst the respective homes of Zalahata, Khadja, Kader, Aziza, Mr Mfya and Afakra from Company Peanuts. This was a sublime continuation of the workshop at lEmbobineuse whereby we were given a rare and priveliged opportunity to share the homes , eat, sleep and make exchange with some  incredibly generous and warm hearted people , most of whom are  Muslim.



Early the next morning, we assembled at Cantine du Midi on rue Bernard in the Belle de Mai area and began preparing food , some of which (herbs, stinging nettles and  other edible plants and flowers) we had collected from the previous days visit to le Couvant. The Cantine is organised by the En Chantier association  whose aim is to create local solidarity and collective responsibility  based on empowerment values " we pay attention  to involving people  using food to reach this goal" As well as the daily low priced, healthy food cantine, the  organisation runs a food shop next door as well as mobile kitchen used to sensibilise children, teenagagers and families about healthy food

Early evening visit to La Bagagerie (adress)  thanks to the coordiantion help from Sonja who works for the Emmäus Homeless peoples organisation we were given a tour by volunteer Marie.



Blandine and Cecile -

sensitisation exercise particularly for the male participants , including staff at lEmbobineuse

that evening we visited le Guepier, a community squat which was being evicted in the coming week. The programme was  LGBTQA+

Squatting is very common in Marseille asthere is a large amount of long standing empty houses and flats.





Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 22:30 to Friday, May 25, 2018 - 22:30


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