May / June 2018 Step Across the Border: Berlin/Arnhem Exchange

 “Step across the Border” (Edition Berlin-Arnhem)


This is an exchange initiative inspired by and reflecting upon the transnational  SATB project. Participants are , Rijn IJssel school (Arnhem) and Unter Druck Kultur von der Strasse e.V. (Berlin) and it is  coordinated by  Marciana Timmermans, teacher  at Rijn IJssel Creative Industry. The aim of the project is to encourage  the  Arnhem  students,  to  reflect on the themes of  the Unter Druck  "Step Across the Border" initiative: "an international  grassroots initiative, since 2017, aimed at  using and developing basic creative education techniques with socially marginalised people." (link) 

The Rijn IJssel project seeks to generate more understanding for people who live in difficult situations. The students will develop a personal opinion about this and  explore possibilities about how they could contribute with their creative and personal skills in terms of generating more publicity for these problems and generate solutions.

Participants: 42 students: Art&Design(13), Spatial Design (10), Interior Design (19) and 5 teachers, together with staff from the  Berlin homeless peoples initiative Unter Druck Kultur von der Strasse e.V. and its  creative atelier space ,Czentrifuga.  The  respective  periods for  activities are 5th - 19th of May 2018 in Berlin and 2nd - 10th of June 2018 in Arnhem. In both instances, activities will be spread amongst different locations.

Period 1: Plan for S.A.T.B. Activities in May 2018 in Berlin


7 May: Discussion at Aquarium In September 2017, the EU supported Step Across the Border project, hosted its its “kick off” event in at the aquarium on Kottbusser Tor, Kreuzberg. Now we return to this sympathetic location with a follow event instigated by the Rijn IJssel school SATB initiative.This relatively new space specialises in political, and socio-cultural events such as discussions, lectures and film screenings,including self help activities run by local residents, such a the social councelling group “Hartzer Roller”. Aquarium is a partner project of the long established Südblock which is located next door and is (also) a dedicated cafe, events and safe space for various marginalised groups. Instigating the discussion will be guests, Syrian born Waael Fares and (T.B.A.) young person with experience of living rough on the streets .


10 and 11 May: Compact Shelters for the Homeless - Design and Construction at Beton Insel  Beton Insel  is a new location for cultural events in the Kreuzberg/Treptower Park area. The area takes its name from the neighbouring  cement works; this industrial landscape is characterised by approximately 20 shipping containers  which are arranged and stacked to create an enclosed environment with attractions such as Kolja Küglers robot band; chemo acoustic  installations by the Dutch kinetic  artist Bastiaan Maris; Freaky 23 subculture archive or Monoshop  organised by Kasia Justka which serves as an Audio and Video  experimental lab and hackspace.

Here, the students will design and create small shelters for possible future use by homeless people, using recycled and found materials. Activities will be organised in co-op with visitors from nearby Cuvrystrasse homeless peoples meeting point and Unter Druck homeless peoples meeting point in the Wedding area. Food will be provided by the Real Junk Food Project.

Berlin Staff at Beton Insel: Stine Knudsen (DK) Kolja Krüger (D) Bastiaan Maris (NL) Joey Munroe (UK) John Moulden (UK).

Parallel, to these activities, there will be a further 10 Rijn Ijssel students (Human Technology) together with 1 teacher, in Berlin from 5  until 12 May, whereby we look at the possibility  to integrate  them into the programme (availability: 6,7,8,9 May)  perhaps in the form of  a music jam session (watch this space..)

EXTRA EXTRA There will be an update of this article  in the coming weeks  including a detailed list of extra activities..



Period 2: Plan for S.A.T.B. Activities June 2018 in Arnhem


Unter Druck & Czentrifuga staff will visit Arnhem in June (Saturday the 2 of June until Sunday the 10 of June) 2018 to make print and design workshops, exhibition and performance together with Rijn IJssel school students and staff, and interested artists/citizens in Arnhem.

- Exhibition about CZ and Unter Druck in the first weekend and the first days of the week (Sunday 3 June 15.00 hrs, vernissage with drinks, music and performance). And art work Rijn IJssel students made during their stay in Berlin.

- During the week: workshops with CZ, students Rijn IJssel, interested residents of Arnhem and artists/musicians at B53 contemporary art space (to be confirmed) located in the centre of Arnhem. (see also: pdf attachment)

- Last weekend: exhibition and performances which are the result of the workshops and
other cooperations. (Saturday 9 June 15.00 hrs, finissage with drinks, music and

Rijn IJssel Participants

Art&Design, Spatial Design, Interior Design, Human Technology, Musician, Make up and Hair Design,

Performing Arts, Event Marketing, Graphic Design and Rijn IJssel teaching staff.


Unter Druck/Czentrifuga Participants

Stine, Yt, David, Werner, Marko













Saturday, May 5, 2018 - 10:00 to Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 21:00
Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 10:45 to Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 22:45